At the beginning of In-Corpus Photography :

« The body which forms into photography,

Photography which forms into a body. »

Sophie Muret

At the beginning of In-Corpus Photography :

« The body which forms into photography,

Photography which forms into a body. »

Sophie Muret

In-Corpus Photography has been created in Arles in 2020 by Sophie Muret.
Sophie Muret is 45 years old photographer. Sophie’s photography was first revealed in Arles in May 2019, through the Nude Photography Festival. Her serie, titled “No Staging, Just an Exposure”, consists of a series of self-portraits.

The main theme of this serie stands on acceptance of the Being in its entirety. For Sophie, self-acceptance involves the perception of our body. Through her photography and exhibitions, Sophie has become aware of the valuableness of our body and of our need to nurture it. Today, she wishes to continue this journey, with the intention of helping our consciousness evolve with regards to the relationship between our Body and Being. Sophie mainly expresses herself through photography, a medium which she wishes to honour through the creation of In-Corpus Photography:
"The body which forms into photography, Photography which forms into a body"

Sophie Muret Biography

Photographer and founder of the In-Corpus Photography Festival

Portrait de Sophie Muret par Amaury Brac

©️ Amaury Brac

Sophie, 45 years old, French, is mother of four kids.

Graduating from the Paris School of Business, Sophie works as a Head Hunter for ten years in Recruitment Consultancy Agencies.

Listening to her heart, she chooses to invest herself fully in the education of her children. She then goes forward on a sweeter path full of fantasy mingled with unexpected wonder. She leaves her professional life.

 In 2013, her body and a cancer suddenly find her on the edge of a cliff. Sophie seizes this chance to renew her choice for life. Each breath, each long or short breath becomes a miracle. Life is a succession of positive or darker notes, eighths, whites and even silences. During intense migraines, the pain transports her spirit to the stars, where waves suddenly make her understand that the Universe is a whole, that each living being is connected to the Cosmos.

This wonderful adventure and life experience allows her to get closer to her passions and to what she really is.

Fascinated by people, Sophie coaches those who wish to live their lives passionately and positively. She also helps people looking for work to find the job that suits them.

 With photographing, Sophie follows her instinct. Taking images gives her additional vibrations to blow up emotions and to express the joy and sensitivity that she transpires.

Today, to the question, “Who are you? Where do you come from?” Sophie answers:

“I’m happy to be here with you, I live, I see, I feel, I breath, I think and I fully feel the life, it’s easy even it has not been so easy.

And I am the artist of my soul.”